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another broken heart </3

am i too pure?

About You:
Name: allison/allie
Age15, ill be 16 in december.. gonna driveee!
Location:austin teas
Stats: is this like.. status? like dating.. bc im single and i loove it :) but if it ssomething else im gonna feel REALLY stupid
Hobbies:dance, hanging out with friends, shopping, seeing movies, going to footbal games, seeing bands, hanging out, swimming, doing "cultural" austin stuff.. like austin city limits and stuff.. idk thers lots of things i like
Favorite Color:im gonna have to say red.. but pink is 2nd!!
Favorite Movie(s):mean girls, the notebook, napoleon dynamiteX190481209480129481, pirates
Favorite Actor(s)shane west, ryan gosling, tom cruise, johnny depp
Favorite Actress(es):rachel mcadams, lindsay lohan, keira knightley
Favorite Song(s):WONDERWALL!! by oasis, anything by yellowcard, blink 182, dave matthews, guster, dashboard confessional, maroon 5.. i like alot of stuff.. yall should download 99 red balloons too.. thats a good song
Favorite Store(s): aeropostale, buffalo exchange, american eagle, kohls, wet seal, charolette russe, toy joy (not for clothes.. yall werent specific!!) tower records

Our Community:
Where you asked to join?:i wasnt.. i saw on a community
If So, by who?:
Why do you want to join?:because its a cute community and it seems really cool!!
What makes you eligable to be a part of this community?: hmm... im not realy sure what you need to be eligible.. but i guess im an opinoinated person and i contribute alot to my other communitys :)

Your Opinions:
The Color Pink: hott like whoa.. especially on guys.. plus its the color of most valentines
Sex: omg.. its not worth it.. wait till you with somebody you really care about
Coppy-Catters: haha that makes us sound like were in 3rd grade.. but i think everybody should try to be their own person... its ok to copy a few things but when your like exactly the same as somebody else then thats bad
Avril Lavigne:i like her.. i think shes really matured on her sophmore album and i think shes got great talent
Ashton Kutcher:i <3 ashton!! hes such a great actor and hes hillarious!
Drugs:drugs are badddd!! never get involved with drugs because they will EFf you up!!
Porn:haha porn.. stupidest thing ever.. guys just use it to.. uh.. get pleasure for themselves.

im at my friends house right now but i can put links to some pix of me in here... i can post some later 2nite when i get home if thats ok?

my pix!!
^^thats not my normal website... i have another one haha those r just a few pix of me
sorry to send yall to a link

well this is my app...hope yall liked it!!
X's & O's
<3 allie**

haha ok it took me like 08350983252523 minutes to figure out how to get one picture up so im just gonna post this one im me if u want more >>wondrwallchik731


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