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My shoes faves!

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I loove converse! I Always wear mine with everything.They are all dirty though these days but they have pink laces! They arent like these ones but i cudnt find a goo pic of mine.Mine are white with a lil blue star on the sides.

title or description These marc jacob shoes i fell in love with! They embrace my girly side :D

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Always loved these darlings o.o <3

These are my fave shoes!! :D <3 Much Love
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i absolutly lovvvvve the second ones!!!

<333 alyssa
hahahaYAYY YOU DID IT!!!!! THNX!!!!!
yes i did! =D

Oh the second pair i am in love with <3
second pair are my favs!!! they are so adorable (:
yes same!! but if i want to get out of my gurly mood i have my converse =D
haha awesome. i need a pair of converse <3
i love the louis ones!