Don't mess with a little girl's dreams.. (_beyondblonde) wrote in pretty_in,
Don't mess with a little girl's dreams..

About You:
Name: Amanda
Age: 14
Location: The *sunny* California
Sex: Female...not too many guys have the name Amanda
Hobbies: Listening to music (its the only thing that keeps me sane), hanging out with friends, watching movies (especially 80's ones), cheer, eading and writing.
Favorite Color: I love pretty much every color. I don't have a favorite color, it's too much of a commitment.
Favorite Movie(s): Thirteen, Pretty In Pink, The Goonies, Pumpkin, The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, Sixteen Candles, Cruel Intentions, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Walk To Remember and many many more
Favorite Actor(s): hmmm this is a hard one...but I guess I have to say Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress(es): Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Hudson
Favorite Song(s): "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"~ The Starting Line, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" ~Cindy Lauper (because it's a really cute song) and "Alsting Impressions" ~The Starting Line
Favorite Store(s):  Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Forever 21, etc.

Our Community:
Where you asked to join?: No I wasn't
If So, by who?: (none)
Why do you want to join?: Because it seems like a really fun and active community
What makes you eligable to be a part of this community?:
Post One Place where you promoted Pretty_In:
Your Opinions:
The Color Pink: I love it. It's such a fun color. I don't know about everyone else..but whenever I wear pink, it makes me feel happy even if I was is in the worst mood ever
Sex: I have nothing against it, as long as you know that you truly love this person and they feel the same for you, because you don't want to get hurt if having sex gets in the way of your relationship. Just, be careful

Coppy-Catters: I think copying pretty much anything is stupid. I think everyone shold live their own life, because the truth is people will like and respect you more if you be yourself and dont try to be a clone of someone you're not.
Xtina Aguilera: She has a beautiful voice. Even though I don't really like her with balck hair, she is still as pretty as ever.
Ashton Kutcher: I think he's a hottie, and I also think it's cool that he took a risk of being followed by the paparazzi because of his relationship with demi moore who is so much older than him.
Drugs: I hav nothing against them. I have many friends who do drugs, and sometimes it bothers me that they do because I don't want them to get hurt, but, I cant make them do something they dont want to.
Porn: Disgusting. But, hey, I can't change anything. I'm used to hearing guys talking about, and I just laugh it off .

Please post atleast 3 pictures of yourself here [no links if posible please]:

On the right

On the left.

On the right again

On the right......again. This is not the best picture of me. but oh well

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